Dinner Menu
IAQMS 50-Year Anniversary Science and History Session on June 30

Non-Vegetarian Dinner
1. Cocktail and appetizers
2. Salmon with Dill
3. Foie-gras half cooked and apples cooked in cide
4. Saint Pierre (John Fory fish) with zucchini and white wine sauce.
Pumpkin puree and tomatoes "à la provencale"
5. Cheeses
6. Saint-Honoré
Menu in French is here!

Vegetarian Dinner
1. Cocktail and veggie apetizers
2. White asparagus with hollandaise sauce and salad
3. Stew of young veggies with thym + zucchinis
4. Rizotto with oyster mushroom and truffle oil and parmesan
5. Cheese selction
6. A cream cake