Josef Michl


Born March 12, 1939 in Prague, Czechoslovakia.

Professor of Chemistry, University of Colorado at Boulder, USA.
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Member, US National Academy of Sciences (1986); Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences (1999); Czech Learned Society Honorary Member (1995), International Academy of Quantum Molecular Science (1988), A.P. Sloan Fellow (1971–75), J. S. Guggenheim Fellow (1984–85), Watoc Fellow (1996), A. von Humboldt Senior US Scientist Award (1980), Inter-American Photochemical Society (1994), and Japan Society for Promotional Science (1998) Awards, Georgetown University (1990) and University of Pardubice (1996) Honorary Doctorates, ACS Utah Section (1986), Cope Scholar (1993), Kosolapoff (2000) and J.F. Norris (2001) Awards, Schrödinger (1993), Heyrovsky (1994), and Charles University (1995) Medals.

Author of:

About 470 scientific papers, 7 patents. Five books, coauthored and one edited. Editor, Chemical Reviews (since 1984)

Important Contributions:

Theoretical and experimental aspects of organic photochemistry; Magnetic circular dichroism; Biradical and biradicaloid chemistry and theory; Electronic and vibrational spectroscopy with polarized light; Silicon chemistry and electronic structure of its compounds; Sputtering of frozen gases - experiments and theory; Organic reactive intermediates - preparation, properties, theory; Cluster Ions; Molecular building blocks for supramolecular structures; Boron chemistry.