Henry Eyring


Born on February 20, 1901. Distinguished Professor of Chemistry and Metallurgy, University of Utah, Salt Lake City (U.S.A.).

Member of the National Academy of Sciences (U.S.). Honorary Doctor of eleven Universities.

Author of:

"The Theory of Rate Processes" (with GLASSTONE and LAIDLER), "Modern Chemical Kinetics" (with E. EYRING), "Significant Liquid Structures" (with Mu Shik JHON), "The Theory of Optical Activity" (with CALDWELL).

Important Contributions:

440 scientific papers including: The transition state theory. Numerous contributions to the theory of chemical reactivity (activation energy, reaction path, photochemical reactions, electrolytic reactions, chemiluminescence). Theory of liquid structure. Theory of overvoltage. Theory of optical rotatory power. Rheological properties of simple and colloidal system. Mechanical properties of textiles. Application of modern rate theory to physiological system. Membrane permeability. Cöttformation changes of proteins. Significant structure theory applied to surface tension. Circular dichroism of nucleotide derivatives.

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