Vladimir A. Fock


Born on December 22, 1898. Professor of Physics, University of Leningrad (U.R.S.S.).

Member of the Academy of Sciences of the Soviet Union. Member of the Academies of Sciences of Germany, Norway and Denmark.

Author of:

"Principles of wave-mechanics", "The theory of Space, Time and Gravitation", "Electromagnetic Diffraction and Propagation Problems".

Important Contributions:

Relativistic equation of wave-mechanics (Klein–Fock equation, 1926). Dirac equation and Riemann goemetry (1929). Hartree–Fock method (1930). Quadridimentionnal symmetry of hydrogen atom (1935). Quantum field theory (Fock space, Fock representation 1932–1937). Gravitation theory (1939–1950). Propagation of electromagnetic waves (1944–1965). Epistemological research on the theory of relativity (relativity principle with respect to observation procedure (1949–1973).

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