Michael Kasha


Born December 6, 1920 in Elizatheth, New Jersey, USA.

Robert O. Lawton Distinguished Professor of Physical Chemistry at Florida State University, USA.

Member of American Academy of Arts and Sciences (1963) (Founded by Benjamin Franklin, Oldest U.S. Academy). Member of National Academy of Sciences (1971) (Founded by Abraham Lincoln). Member of Brazilian Academy of Sciences (1977). Member of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences (1991).

George Porter Medal (1990) (European, Interamerican and Japanese Photochemical Societies). Robert S. Mulliken Medal (1990) (University of Chicago). Doctor of Science, Gonzaga University, Washington (1988). Doctor of Science, University of GdaƱsk, Poland (1992).

Important Contributions:

Application of quantum chemistry to spectroscopic phenomena. Fundamental orbital and spin characterization of electronic states of polyatomic molecules; molecular exciton theory; simultaneous transitions as two-molecule-one-photon processes; singlet molecular oxygen; proton transfer and electron transfer excitation; solvent cage theory.

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