Frederick A. Matsen


Born July 26, 1913 in Racine, Wisconsin, USA. Emeritus Professor of Chemistry and Physics, University of Texas, Austin, Texas, USA.

Guggenheim Fellow (1951); NSF Senior Postdoctoral Fellow (1961); American Physical Society Fellow (1964); Löwdin Distinguished Lecturer (Uppsala University, Sweden) (1986); Establishment of the annual F.A. Matsen Regental Lectures on the Theories of Matter (1988).

Author of:

250 published papers. "Quantum Chemistry Integrals and Tables" (with J. Miller and J.M. Gerhauser), The University of Texas Press (1959); "Vector Spaces and Algebras for Chemistry and Physics", Holt-Rinehart (1972); "Unitary Group in Quantum Chemistry", (with Ruben Pauncz), Elsevier (1986); "Algorithms, Architectures and Scientific Computation" (with T. Tajima), The University of Texas Press (1986).

Important Contributions:

Molecular orbital theory of aromatic molecules; Ab initio calculations on diatomic molecules; The Hückel–Hubbard theory of organic chemistry; The small-bipolaron theory of cuprate superconductivity; The prediction of the dipole moment of LiH three years before it was determined experimentally; The development of spin-free quantum chemistry based on both the symmetric and the unitary group; The generalization of this concept to nuclei and elementary particles; Spin glasses and Neural Networks.

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