Eolo Scrocco


Born May 23, 1916 in Tivoli, Italy.

Emeritus Professor of Physical Chemistry, University of Pisa, Italy.

Important Contributions:

Calculation of Raman intensities. Prediction of vibration frequencies of conjucated carbonyle. Introduction of the concept of molecular valence state. Enthalpy of hydratation of metallic ions. Electronic structure of small molecules. New kind of Slater orbital. Quadrupole coupling constants. Localization of canonic SCF orbitals. Protonation energies. Electronic correlation. Use of electrostatic potential created by a molecule to predict its chemical reactivity. Transferability of the electrostatic potential created by a chemical group. Substituent effect in chemical reactivity. Electrostatic interaction of a solute with a continuum solvent. Structural deformation of the DNA Double Helix in the first stages of information transcription. Study of the correlation between globular trichoms and Auxine growth factor in plants.

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