Kieron Burke


Chancellor's Professor, Departments of Chemistry and Physics, University of California, Irvine
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Bourke Lecturer, British Royal Society of Chemistry, 2017. Elected Fellow of British Royal Society of Chemistry, 2017. Baker Symposium Lecturer, Cornell University, 2016. Fellow of American Physical Society, 2008. International Journal of Quantum Chemistry Young Investigator Award, 2000.

Author of:

More than 180 papers in theoretical chemistry, physical chemistry, condensed matter physics, and surface and interface science.

Important Contributions:

  • In density functional theory, contribution to the development of the PBE functional; of adiabatic connection arguments that led to PBE0; of the dressed kernel for double excitations in TDDFT; of the generalization of TDDFT for open quantum systems; of scattering theory and high Rydberg states in TDDFT; of partition DFT; of the importance of self-interaction error in molecular electronics; of the semiclassical understanding of DFT; of PBEsol approximation; of exact conditions in thermal DFT; of limitations of approximations for strongly correlated systems; density-corrected DFT; machine-learning of density functionals; and several contributions to the theory of atoms, ions, and molecules scattering from surfaces.