David M. Ceperley


Born: December 26, 1949 in Charleston West Virginia, USA

Founder Professor of Physics, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

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Tel: 217-244-0646

Center for Advanced Studies Professor (2009); Founder Professor of Engineering (2006); US National Academy of Science (2005); Fellow, Institute of Physics UK(1999); Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences (1999); Rahman Prize in Computational Physics of the American Physical Society (1998); Feenberg Medal for Many-body Physics(1994); Fellow: American Physical Society (1990).

Author of:

Author of more than 200 articles in physics, chemistry, materials science and applied mathematics. For complete list see

Important Contributions:

  • Development of quantum Monte Carlo methods such as variational Monte Carlo for fermions, diffusion Monte Carlo and Path Integral Monte Carlo.
  • Calculation of the correlation energy of the homogenous electron gas, providing basic input for density function calculations of electronic structure.
  • Development and application of path integral Monte Carlo methods for quantum systems at finite temperature, such as superfluid helium and discovery of the winding number formula for the superfluid density.
  • Development and application of methods to simulate hydrogen and helium under extreme conditions.