Clémence Corminbœuf


Born April 14, 1977 in Geneva, Switzerland

Professor of Theoretical and Computational Chemistry, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland
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Per-Olvo Löwdin Lecture (Uppsala, 2022); Almlöf-Gropen Lecture (Oslo-Tromsø, 2022); Heilbronner-Hückel Lecture (Swiss and German Chemical Societies, 2021); Theoretical Chemistry Award (ACS Physical Chemistry Division, 2018); Werner Prize (Swiss Chemical Society, 2014); Silver Medal (European Young Chemist Award, 2010); European Research Council Grants (Starting-2012, Consolidator-2018); Member, International Academy of Quantum Molecular Science (2023)

Author of:

Author of: 200+ publications in the field of quantum chemistry and data-driven discovery of catalysts and organic electronic materials.

Important Contributions:

  • Important Contributions: Non-covalent interactions, density-dependent van der Waals corrections, scalar fields, neural network potentials, physics-based machine learning models, genetic optimizations, catalyst design, volcano plots,. Applications to homogeneous catalysis, organic semiconductors, intramolecular singlet fission.