Wolfgang Domcke


Born February 17, 1948 in Munich, Germany

Professor Emeritus of Theoretical Chemistry, Technical University of Munich, Germany
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Copernicus Award (2008); Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (2009); Honorary PhD, Charles University (2012); External member of the Polish Academy of Sciences (2018); Editor of Chemical Physics (Elsevier) 2003 – 2018.

Author of:

  • About 420 research papers in refereed journals of chemical physics and theoretical chemistry.
  • Conical Intersections: Electronic Structure, Dynamics and Spectroscopy (Eds. W. Domcke, D. R. Yarkony and H. Köppel), World Scientific, Singapore, 2004
  • Conical Intersections: Theory, Computation and Experiment (Eds. W. Domcke, D. R. Yarkony and H. Köppel), World Scientific, Singapore, 2011

Important Contributions:

  • Projection-operator theory of electron-molecule collisions and electron-driven chemistry
  • Ab initio vibronic coupling models for spectroscopy and photophysical dynamics
  • Role of conical intersections in photochemistry
  • Discovery of novel photochemical reaction mechanisms with ab initio excited-state electronic-structure calculations
  • Exploration of ultrafast nonadiabatic excited-state dynamics with quantum wave-packet and quasi-classical trajectory methods
  • Theory of femtosecond time-resolved nonlinear spectroscopy
  • Proton-coupled electron transfer reactions and mechanistic aspects of solar water splitting