Jiali Gao


Born January 4, 1962 in Jixi, China

Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, and Professor, Theoretical Chemistry Institute, Jilin University, Changchun, China
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Dirac Medal, WATOC (2000); Albert Hofmann Centennial Prize, Organic Chemistry, University of Zurich (2006); Changjiang Professorship, PRC and Xiamen University (2007); IBM Faculty Fellowship (2010); Lee I. Smith Professorship (2010); 1000-Talent Professorship, PRC and Jilin University (2013); Editorial Boards: Theoretical Chemistry Accounts (1997-2015), Journal of Theoretical and Computational Chemistry (2001-05), Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation (2004-2013), Chinese Journal of Chemistry (2013-present); Associate Editor, Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation (2013-present), over 35,000 citations, Citation h-index = 76.

Author of:

Over 230 scientific publications in biophysical, physical and computational chemistry

Important Contributions:

  • Development and applications of combined QM/MM methods; Methods and simulations of enzyme kinetics and isotope effects; Development of explicit-polarization quantum-mechanical force field for biomacromolecules; Multistate density functional theory.