Peter Gill

Born November 9, 1962 in Auckland, New Zealand.

Professor of Theoretical Chemistry, Research School of Chemistry, Australian National University, Canberra ACT 2601, Australia.
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B.Sc. (1982) University of Auckland; M.Sc. (1984) University of Auckland; Ph.D. (1988) Australian National University; Dirac Medal of WATOC (1999); Pople Medal of APATCC (2005); Schroedinger Medal of WATOC (2011); Fukui Medal of APATCC (2013)

Author of:

180 scientific publications.

Important Contributions:

  • PRISM algorithm for two-electron integrals; linear-scaling algorithms for density functional theory; self-consistent field methods for electronic excited states; generalised local density approximation; exact solutions for two-electron systems.