William A. Goddard III


Born March 29, 1937 in El Centro, California, USA.

The Charles and Mary Ferkel Professor of Chemistry & Applied Physics, California Institute of Technology.
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Arthur Amos Noyes Research Fellow, California Institute of Technology (1964–66) Professor of Theoretical Chemistry (1967–78) Professor of Chemistry & Applied Physics (1978–)

Visiting Staff Member of the Theoretical Physics Division, Los Alamos National Laboratory (1973–); Consultant for: General Motors Research Laboratories, Argonne National Laboratory, Bell Laboratories, Sandia National Laboratory, General Electric Research and Development Center, Shell Development Company, Research and Development Standard Oil Ohio, Triton Bioscience. The Buck Witney Medal (American Chemical Society 1978), Computers in Chemistry Award (1988). Member of National Academy of Science (1984); Member of International Academy of Quantum Molecular Science (–1988); Fellow of American Physical Society (–1988); ACS Award for Computers in Chemistry (1988); Fellow of American Association for the Advancement of Science (1990); Richard M. Badger Teaching Prize in Chemistry, Caltech (1995); Feynman Prize for Nanotechnology Theory (1999); NASA Space Sciences Award (2000); Richard Chase Tolman Prize from the Southern California Section of the ACS (2000); Named as one of the 99 most Highly Cited Chemists for 1981 to 1999 (; Winner 2002 Prize in Computational Nanotechnology Design from the Institute for Molecular Manufacturing; Honoris Causa Philosophia Doctorem, Uppsala University, Sweden, January 2004.

Important Contributions: