Leticia González


Born March 17, 1971 in Madrid, Spain

Professor of Theoretical Chemistry, University of Vienna, Austria
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Ph.D. (1998, Extraordinary Doctorate Award, Madrid), SIGMA-ALDRICH Award from the Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry (2005), Heisenberg fellow from the German Science Foundation (2007), Professor at Friedrich-Schiller University Jena (2007-2011), since 2011 Full Professor of Theoretical Chemistry (University of Vienna), Dirac Medal WATOC (2011), Löwdin lecture 2014, IAQMS member (2018), Editorial Boards: Chem. Phys. Lett. (since 2012), Chemical Monthly (since 2012), Theoretical Chemistry Accounts (since 2013), ChemPhysChem (since 2015), ChemPhotoChem (since 2016)

Author of:

Over 250 scientific papers and book chapters

Important Contributions:

  • Electronically excited states, computational spectroscopy, coherent control of chemical reactions, wavepacket dynamics, non-adiabatic surface hopping dynamics including spin-orbit couplings (SHARC code)
  • Applications to organic photochemistry, DNA building blocks, transition metal complexes