Raphael D. Levine


Born March 29, 1938 in Alexandria, Egypt.

Max Born Professor of Natural Philosophy at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.
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Annual Prize of the Academy (1968). Israel Prize (1974). The Wolf Foundation Prize (1988), Rothschild Prize (1992). Member: Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities. Foreign Member: Max Planck Society, Academia Europaea, American Academy of Arts & Sciences, American Philosophical Society, Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters, National Academy of Sciences of the US. Doctorates hons. caus.: Liege, Munich.

Author of:

Quantum Mechanics of Molecular Rate Processes, R.D. Levine, Oxford University Press (1969); Molecular Reaction Dynamics, R.D. Levine and R.B. Bernstein, Oxford University Press (1974); Lasers and Chemical Change, A. Ben-Shaul, Y. Haas, K.L. Kompa and R.D. Levine, Springer Verlag (1981); Molecular Reaction Dynamics and Chemical Reactivity, R.D. Levine and R.B. Bernstein, Oxford University Press (1987); Algebraic Theory of Molecules, F. Iachello and R. D. Levine, Oxford University Press (1995).

Important Contributions: