Benedetta Mennucci

Benedetta Mennucci

Born May 6, 1969 in Lucca, Italy

Professor of Physical Chemistry, University of Pisa, Italy.
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Author of:

More than 200 scientific papers and book chapters.

Important Contributions:

  • Development of polarizable continuum models to predict solvent effects on molecular systems in a large variety of environments, going from standard isotropic liquids to anisotropic dielectrics (i.e. liquid crystals, or polymeric materials), ionic solutions, different solvents with a contact surface, etc.
  • Development and application of quantum mechanical/continuum approaches for prediction of electronic, vibrational and magnetic spectroscopies of solvated systems.
  • Development and application of polarizable quantum mechanical/molecular mechanical approaches to describe light-induced processes in multichromophoric systems embedded in complex environments.
  • Development of models to describe the spectroscopic responses of molecular probes in the vicinity of plasmonic nanobjects using hybrid QM/classical strategies.
  • Development of quantum mechanical approaches to simulate excitation energy transfer processes in artificial and natural light-harvesting systems.