Julia Rice


Born July 10, 1960 in Cambridge, England

Research Scientist, IBM Research, San Jose, California

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B.Sc. Mathematics and Chemistry (1981, with honours), Royal Holloway College, University of London; Ph.D. Department of Theoretical Chemistry, University of Cambridge (Prof. N.C. Handy) 1985; Postdoctoral Associate, University of California, Berkeley (Prof. H.F. Schaefer III) 1985-1986; Research Fellow, Newnham College, Cambridge 1987-1988; Research Scientist, IBM Research 1988-- (Manager from 1993-2012)

Martin Holloway Prize, 1981; Tribute to Women and Industry (TWIN) award, 1999; IBM Outstanding Technical Award, 2001; Fellow of the American Physical Society, 2001; Elected to IBM Academy of Technology, 2003; gCoulson Lectureh, University of Georgia, 2015.

Author of:

More than 100 papers and book chapters; major contributor to Cambridge Analytic Derivatives Package (CADPAC) and Mulliken (IBM).

Important Contributions: