Michael A. Robb


Born February 19, 1944 in Toronto, Canada.

Professor of Chemistry, Imperial College London, London SW7 2AZ, UK
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Fellow of the Royal Society, London (2000), Royal Society of Chemistry Prize in Theoretical and Computational Chemistry (1995), Senior Ciba-Geigy Fellowship Universita di Bologna (1981–1982)

Author of:

210 scientific papers in journals of chemistry, and theoretical chemistry.

Important Contributions:

Development of MC-SCF methods, development of ab initio semi-classical trajectory calculations with surface hopping (using CASSCF gradients), Heisenberg Hamiltonian methods (Valence Bond) for Molecular Modelling, theoretical study of the mechanisms of multi-bond organic reactions, development of methods to study the conical intersection mechanism for radiationless decay in photochemistry and photophysics (important applications include 2+2 cycloadditions, the ring opening of cyclobutenes, the sigmatropic rearrangements, S1 and S2 photochemical reactions of benzene, the singlet di-p-methane rearrangement, the photochemistry of butadiene, the cis-trans isomerisation polyenes, the Paterno-Buchi reaction, azulene S1 decay, and protonated schiff base model for retinal photoisomerization).