Lucas Visscher


Born June 23, 1966 in Meppel, The Netherlands

Professor in Theoretical Chemistry, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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Ph. D. (cum laude) University of Groningen (1993), postdoctoral stays at NASA Ames (1994-1995) and at the University of Odense (1996-1997). Professor at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (1998-present). Visiting professor stays at University of Strasbourg and at Pacific Northwest Laboratories. Awards: KNCV Clemens Roothaan Prize (1996), NWO vici (2005), WATOC Dirac Medal (2006).

Author of:

Author of around 150 publications.

Important Contributions:

  • Development of electron correlation methods (configuration interaction, coupled cluster theory) for the Dirac-Coulomb-Breit equation. Establishment of a standard nuclear model for relativistic molecular calculations. Treatment of magnetic interactions in relativistic theory.
  • Development of subsystem Density Functional Methods for multi-level treatments of complex systems. Implementation of these and other DFT-based methods in the ADF program system.
  • One of the principal authors of the DIRAC program for relativistic molecular calculations.